Sunday, June 26, 2011

Embarking on Your EHR Journey

The Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a tool and Health Information Exchanges (HIE) are services which can be effectively combined and used in a meaningful way to assist physcians and their practices to achieve ambulatory care excellence. The EHR Journey involves a lot of hard work on the part of every member of a physician practice and requires buy-in by everyone. Technology plays an important role in the EHR Journey, but this journey is mainly involved with creating a cultural shift in the way a practice operates. This cultural shift is the enabler in the practice for reaching its goals of delivering the highest quality patient care.

To start the EHR Journey, the following brief documents should be read and digested:
  1. Getting Started with an EHR
  2. The Legal Electronic Health Record
  3. Selecting a Partner for Your HIT Project
  4. Selecting the Right EMR Vendor
The small physician practices (1-10 physicians) face the bigger challenges for EHR implementation since they typically have fewer resources at their disposal than the larger practices. The following documents will help the small practices gain an understanding what needs to be done to succeed in their EHR Journey:

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